October 7, 2015 admin

Episode 2.2 (Jay Psaros / Gordon Lightfoot)

jaypsarosJay Psaros is one of the hardest working musicians I know. We met at a jam session a couple years back and realized we had a lot in common with the projects we were working in addition to our own performing careers. We kicked around the idea of a PB & Jay Records / For the Sake of the Song collaboration and after a couple of false starts ended up on the idea of this video series. Jay is a songwriter with an ear for a hook and guitar chops to match, reminiscent¬†of some of the great 1970s rock singer/songwriters like Peter Gabriel, Elvis Costello, ¬†and Peter Wolf. So it is perfect to hear him tackle this AM rock staple from Gordon Lightfoot alongside his own “Whiskey In The Rain”. Check them out below! -Patrick


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